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25 October 2017

Official Statement No. 2

On October 24, 2017, individuals and groups of individuals used Facebook (online computer media) to send pictures and messages about Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Co. Ltd. (IFEC) that Power Plant's Investment to sell electricity In Cambodia with the message is that “No external power cord connection, No electricity sales, Investment 600 million Baht, 3 years without revenue” “IFEC power plant, the way to power plant almost no road” “High-voltage transmission line from Kirirom, the entrance from the highway to the power plant is “rural Cart road”, the 600 million baht Entrance to the power plant must pass through the entrance of the temple because the power plant location is next to the cemetery. The road is still in the Cart road” “the entrance to the IFEC power plant from Highway No.4” with illustrations. The third party who reads the message and sees the image of that person and / or group of people entering the computer system understand that IFEC which refers to Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Co. Ltd., does not do the transparent business. Does not connect the power cord to the external means no electricity sales, and invest up to 600 million, but no income. The text and images are false at all because they are in the pass. Nowadays, the IFEC power plant has been connected to an external power line and all the utilities in the street are under construction. The infrastructure of neighboring countries cannot be compared with Thailand. The selection of unpublished street photos is intended to damage the company.

The action of a person and / or group of people using a name in online computerized media (Facebook) is the importation into the computer system of misleading information and images, resulting in IFEC or Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Co., Ltd. and the group of shareholders have been damaged. The people who participate in the comment by pressing the vote or comment under the picture in the same attitude are also guilty. The Company will continue its legal process.

October 24, 2017